First, they tell me the government is reading my e-mails. Now they keep sending me information about the Heartbleed bug. This all makes me feel very uncomfortable. It’s Friday night and I am over here trying to decide if I want to visit the grocery store again¬†just to¬†buy that craved vegan Biscoff cookie spread. Sorry for all the disappointment! Please, stop hurting yourself.

A girl walks into a store to get herself an emperor scorpion. She only finds her dead luck laughing at her behind the glass.


They mean it when they say nothing on the net ever dies.*/

That naked picture I posted and deleted after two seconds is still there, snapped and trapped. No, that is a lie. Many other posts are not there, though… that naked picture could have existed. What I am trying to say is tha-never mind. JUST watch your steps online.